We don’t just do dentistry…we also teach it!  Dr. Howell and Dr. Farley teach on a variety of topics such as:

  • Immediate-load hybrids
  • Dentures
  • Implant identification
  • Implant complications
  • 3D printing in the Dental Office
  • Digital Dentures
  • Digital Hybrids
  • Advanced Surgical Guides

One of the courses We are most passionate about is Digital Hybrids.  We have been refining over many years our digital workflows to provide a better, more efficient, and quicker experience for our patients undergoing this treatment.  We have acquired unique equipment in our office and have an in-house technician to provide almost every step in the fabrication right here under our supervision.  We teach these workflows, including hands-on software training with exocad.

Here is our schedule of upcoming events.  Click through to register.  Hope to see you there!

11/36:00 pm Gilbert, AZ Advanced Digital Dentistry
[Call (480) 832-1375 to register]
This is a free lecture supported by Revive Dental Implant Center and Nobel Biocare. Dr. Nate Farley will be sharing some examples of digital work flows and how you can adapt some digital into your office.
11/16-11/17 Tempe, AZ Advanced Implant Planning Dr. Nate Farley – Thousands are using Blue Sky Plan in their practice to plan and place dental implants. For 1-3 units, the workflow is very straightforward and easy, but many want to do more than the software can do. We will dive into Blue Sky Plan and free 3D editing software (Meshmixer by AutoDesk) to tackle full arch cases.
11/30-12/1 Phoenix, AZ Digital Hybrids Dr. Kent Howell and Dr. Nate Farley – Full arch implant rehabilitations require precision, attention to detail, and efficiency in order to pull them off accurately with longevity. Many of us have restored these with metal frames, acrylic teeth, and denture acrylics. Those of you that have, have you seen what they look like in a matter of just a few years? Are patients frustrated when they bust teeth off their new and expensive prosthesis? Come join us for a 2 full day immersion in full arch treatment planning and execution of these prostheses.
1/11-1/12 Tempe, AZ 3D Printing in Dentistry Dr. Nate Farley -You’ve scanned your patient digitally and sent them on their way. Now you sit staring in awe at the impression on the computer screen. What next? This course is designed for the novice to this new world of in-office 3D printing. Our goal is to get you going on some simple digital procedures with a relatively low entry point (free or low cost).
107 N. Greenfield Rd. Suite 1 Mesa, AZ 85205 (480) 832-1375