There are a variety of reasons people find themselves already missing or will soon be without all or half their teeth. When you are losing all of your teeth in your upper, lower, or both arches, you have options. These options include dentures, overdentures (the snap in type), or fixed dentures (some call this all-on-4). Fixed dentures mean you don’t take out your teeth. When teeth are fully supported by implants, you eat like you had your own teeth back.

REVIVE Dental Implant Center in Mesa, AZ is unique for this area as we combine a team of specialists under one roof–we have two prosthodontists and a periodontist.  Prosthodontists are the specialists in full mouth reconstructions.  We have extra training in replacing missing teeth, from a single tooth all the way up to these fully supported teeth on implants.  Periodontists are surgeons who specialize in, among other things, implant placement.  As a team, we get you from start to finish, all under the hands of specialists.

We have completed this procedure on hundreds of patients.  We have a few here who wanted to share their experience.


Kathy was struggling to make up her mind. She first saw us when she still had her teeth, but they were failing. She ended up going somewhere else to have the teeth out and a denture made. After struggling with the dentures, she realized that she had made a terrible mistake and eventually she came back and got the implants and permanent teeth.

She could not be happier. Watch her testimonial to see how this procedure changed her life.



Randy did his due diligence in finding us.  He tested our protocols and interviewed us to see if we were the right fit for him.  Randy had a worn out upper complete denture and failing remaining lower front teeth.  We ended up creating a new smile with a new upper denture and lower implant “snap-on” denture for him….and he is thrilled!  Most of all, we’ve built a trust and friendship with each other!

Listen to Randy’s story and how dental implant treatment has changed his life.



Mary is not a stranger to the dental office.  Like most people, she is trusting and went along with what was recommended to her in the past.  Unfortunately she was convinced that mini implants and a removable “snap-in” denture was the solution to her problems…..little did she know that was just the beginning to ALL of her problems.  When Mary met us, her dentures were so large and uncomfortable that she couldn’t talk or even eat with them in.  She was so leary of having another procedure done, but couldn’t bear another day of being miserable.

Listen to her story and listen to how this procedure has changed her life!

This procedure is ideal for people who:

  • Already have their teeth out
  • Are exhausted with constantly paying for dental work that seems to always fail
  • Have advanced periodontal disease
  • Are losing their teeth to decay

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