Easy Consult

Would you like to get answers to your questions without leaving the house?  Need a quick quote on what is possible before you schedule to come in and see us?  With our online Easy Consult, you can take a few photos and a video, tell us a little about you and your goals, and we will respond with answers.  Let us explain how easy it is:

FIRST – We need to see those pearly whites, so smile big!
NEXT – Follow the prompts on the next page to take the right photos and a quick video.
THEN – Fill out the form with your contact information and your goals.
FINALLY – Submit everything and wait!

When you submit the form, we will get an email with all your information.  We will look you over and respond with an email that contains a video consult from Dr. Howell or Dr. Farley specifically recorded for you, answering your questions, and addressing your concerns.

We will give you a quick estimate on the cost of the proposed treatment.  From there we encourage discussion.  Either respond to the email or come in and see us for a free consult (with free x-rays).  Please know that while we hope to be in the ball park with our estimate, there is no way to guarantee that is the best treatment option for you unless you come see us to follow-up.

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