A full-mouth reconstruction (also called a rehab) refers to the process of restoring the oral cavity to a healthy, fully-functioning state. There are many reasons and indications indicating this type of treatment. This can range from wearing down the teeth from grinding, severe erosion of tooth structure from acid reflux and/or health concerns such as bulimia/anorexia, and dry mouth (xerostomia). Some oral habits can also cause severe damage to the dentition. These can include smoking, chewing tobacco, drug abuse, sucking citrus fruits, high soda intake, and many others. A full-mouth reconstruction can be indicated for people missing no teeth, to people missing all their teeth, and to those needing all their teeth removed and replaced. Often this type of treatment can require the expertise of multiple specialists, of which the prosthodontist is often referred to as the “quarterback” or “architect” of the patient’s treatment. Prosthodontists and periodontists are trained in multi-disciplinary type treatments to reach an optimal result for the patient. Below is an assortment of full-mouth reconstructions completed by our doctors:

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