Meet Our Team

Administrative Assistant

Mona has a contagious smile and will be ready to greet you warmly at the front desk. Although an Arizona native, her heart belongs to the beach and ocean life! With 19 years of dental experience, Mona’s expertise is unparalleled!

Administrative Assistant

Trisha is one of the first smiling faces you will see when you walk in the door and is partly why you found us (she is our marketing guru). She has worked in dentistry for 8 years and has her degree in health science and physical therapy. She is from Southern California and loves to surf, hike, run, and do jiu jitsu. She has two kids and enjoys broadway musicals, tacos, and cupcakes. And in case you wanted to know, she can do the moonwalk…just ask her!


Treatment Coordinator

Wendy is our patient care specialist who embraces her patients from the start of the consultation process.   Wendy has over 20 years in her dental career, but working with patients to achieve their dental goals is by far her biggest passion.  It’s not unusual to spend a significant amount of time with Wendy before patients start their dental journey and she’s happy to do so!  When she’s not working, Wendy enjoys time with her family and her dogs.


Janice is married with three boys. Interestingly enough, her husband is also a dental hygienist. She was an esthetician for 9 years before making the switch to hygiene, something she has been doing for 9 years as well. In addition to cleaning your teeth, she is a full time soccer mom and enjoys nachos whenever she can.


Restorative Assistant

Dennis has been in the dental field for 35+ years. As a general dentist in Mexico, he treated patients for 7 years. After relocating to the states in 2001, Dennis became a dental assistant and has assisted many prosthodontists over the years in the phoenix area. Always smiling and upbeat, Dennis provides a calming affect that comforts and soothes even the most anxious. Dennis loves to cook for his family and is enjoying his grandchildren that live close by.

Restorative Assistant

Katina comes to the valley of the sun from Washington State and has found that the desert heat is her preferred destination. She has a wonderful gift of conversation and helping our patients to feel comfortable meeting with us. Katina loves exploring and the culinary arts. Her favorite, however, is experiencing the healing art of creating smiles for our patients!


Lab Technician

Brandon is talented in both the design and manufacturing of your smile. He enjoys all forms of art and creativity. His attention to detail is key in the production process. In his eyes, there is nothing better than witnessing the joy and transformation that occurs when a person finally gets the smile and functionality they want. Brandon enjoys time with his wife and four children outdoors.


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