We are very lucky to have such an amazing team at Revive Dental Implant Center. Each and every staff member was chosen carefully for their specific role. This combination has helped us to help more people, get great results, and enjoy doing it.

Dr. Kent Howell and Dr. Nate Farley are both ADA recognized specialists in full mouth reconstructions, on teeth AND dental implants. This specialty is called prosthodontics and required three more years of training beyond dental school. There are very few prosthodontists in Arizona and even fewer offices with a board certified prosthodontist. This certainly sets Revive Dental apart from your other choices for All-On-4®, dental implants, crowns/bridges, dentures, etc.

Our doctors did their training together at The Ohio State University, where they spent hours learning all the different parts of the process, from the clinical, to treatment planning, to actually fabricating the teeth in the lab. You will still find them both in the lab working to keep up with the load and ensuring that Revive Dental provides the highest quality possible.

If you would like to get to know our doctors in more detail, check out their biographies here!!

Patient Case Manager

Mona has a contagious smile and will be ready to greet you warmly at your first visit. Although an Arizona native, her heart belongs to the beach, and ocean life! She has a daughter and loves her vegetarian lifestyle. With 21 years of dental experience, Mona's drive and dedication to our patient's is what makes her amazing at what she does. Mona’s expertise is unparalleled!

Trisha Public Relations DirectorTrisha
Marketing and Media Specialist

Trisha is the creative person who handles all social media, marketing and is partly why you found us (she is our marketing guru). She has worked in dentistry for 10 years and has her degree in health science and physical therapy. She is from Southern California and loves to paddleboard, hike, run, and trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. She is married with two kids and enjoys broadway musicals, tacos, and cupcakes. And in case you wanted to know, she can do the moonwalk…just ask her!

Patient Coordinator

Mandilyn is originally from Northern California and has been in Arizona for 20 years. On her spare time, she love to read, dance, listen to music and spend time with her husband and 8 kids. On her spare time, you can catch her volunteering at the local elementary school teaching dance.  She loves food! She will spend years tracking down the perfect recipe. (you should try her bread!). She has been working in dentistry for 4 years now, ranging from organizing dental educational courses, conferences, to managing multiple dental websites for Dr. Howell and Dr. Farley. She is also one of the friendly faces you will see when you come into our office. 

Patient Coordinator

Acianie grew up in Miami, FL and New York, NY, but recently moved to Arizona. She has worked in the dental field for 6 years and loves helping people. She is the first smile you see when you visit our office. Currently she has 2 kids, but has 1 on the way! She loves tacos and ice cream because who doesn't love a little cold on a warm summer day? She is a fan of the New York Knicks, Green Bay Packers, New York Yankes, and Arizona Cardinals. In her free time she specializes in abstract design as well as children's fashion photography! Wanna know a secret of hers? She can sketch a portrait in under an hour and can make a pretty fantastic key lime pie!

Dental Assistant

Dennis has been in the dental field for 35+ years. As a general dentist in Mexico, he treated patients for 7 years. After relocating to the states in 2001, Dennis became a dental assistant and has assisted many prosthodontists over the years in the phoenix area. Always smiling and upbeat, Dennis provides a calming effect that comforts and soothes even the most anxious. Dennis loves to cook for his family and is enjoying his grandchildren that live close by.

Dental Assistant

Kasie was born and raised in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. She has currently been living in Mesa since 2015 with her husband and 2 kids. She has been a dental assistant for 9 years and finds joy in seeing her patients smile.  She loves Mexican food, hiking, going to the gym, singing, and loves spending family time on the lake.

Dental Assistant

Jasmine was born and raised in Anthem, Arizona. She has been a dental assistant for 5 years and loves being able to help people. While she's not busy assisting, you can catch her enjoying her favorite italian foods and Dr. Pepper. She loves basketball and being outdoors with her 2 dogs--a german sheppard and a shitzu. Did you know she plays the cello, violin, flute, saxophone??...the list goes on. If she could travel anywhere, she'd love to someday travel around Europe.

Dental Hygienist

Meet Emily, she's been a dental hygienist for 10+ years. When she's not sucking saliva and educating people on proper oral hygiene, you can catch her outdoors camping with her husband and kids, playing the piano, singing, or playing board games. Her favorite color is green, and she is one amazing baker who can whip up any dessert!

Lab Technician

Brandon is talented in both the design and manufacturing of your smile. He enjoys all forms of art and creativity. His attention to detail is key in the production process. In his eyes, there is nothing better than witnessing the joy and transformation that occurs when a person finally gets the smile and functionality they want. Brandon enjoys time with his wife and four children outdoors.

Lab Technician

Mathew has a background in dental and computer technology that will ensure your prosthetics meet the highest standards. He and his wife are both from the East Valley, but love to travel and see new places outside of the lab. Mathew enjoys extreme metal music, tabletop gaming, and wilderness backpacking. He loves hot & spicy sunflower seeds and Thai food! You can catch him washing all of that down with his favorite  La Croix sparkling waters!

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