What you'll find at an average dental office

  • General dentist
  • Limited warranty with materials that have a shelf life
  • Sending prosthetics to off-site lab
  • Success stories
  • Quality staff
  • Outdated practices that create room for error

Our Doctors

Dr. Howell and Dr. Farley are leaders in their industry. Not only are they specialists in reconstructive procedures, like dental implants, All-On-4®, and full reconstructions, but they help lead the industry in digital dentistry.

"We have been practicing dentistry since 2008, including a residency where we learned all the skills to take on the most complex dental procedures. We see all the complex cases where the general dentists are stumped, and often are called on to fix problems when treatment does not go right. You can feel confident that we have either been through your exact situation before with another patient or at least a case that is very similar. And if neither of us have dealt with it, we will tell you."


When you use the best you get the best

By using the best practices, procedures and materials we are able to stand behind our product 100%

  • We use Zirconia teeth attached to a titanium bar
  • The doctors are present every step of the way
  • By using digital imagery we are able to be very precise
  • Renew Digital Design

    Our lab not only makes all the prosthetics for Revive but makes them for doctors offices throughout the nation.

    By building the teeth here in the office, not only can we do it better, but we can do it cheaper. Those savings are passed to you.

    The Doctors are heavily involved with your care, from more time in the chair, for following every step with precision, to actually helping through the process of building your teeth.

    You will often find us, the doctors, at the computer designing your teeth, rather than having this outsourced to someone who you will never meet.

    "We are very passionate about what we do and are very easy to talk to. You will find in talking with us, that we listen, we give straight answers, and we know what we are talking about. We are known to put patients at ease through their treatment and truly care about you and the outcome of your treatment. "
    - Dr. Howell and Dr. Farley

    Why I chose Revive

    Our Amazing Staff

    A lead actor can only do so much alone. It takes a great supporting cast to make everything come together.
    Our staff is the first you see when you come in and the last you see when you leave. Each patient feels like family here at Revive and our staff is a big part of that.

    Digital Dentistry

    The technology in our office rivals that of almost every dental office and many dental laboratories. This is because Dr. Howell and Dr. Farley understood early on that incorporating these workflows into Revive would be a way to get patients better, stronger, and more beautiful teeth for a fraction of the cost.


    In the past, you may have experienced dental trays filled with a soft substance that hardened into an impression of your mouth and teeth. With the intra-oral scanner’s small hand-held wand, we can take accurate digital impressions quickly and easily without triggering your gag reflex.


    We use CAD technology to offer premium dental restorations to our patients. CAD stands for Computer Aided Design and we are committed to providing the most efficient and effective innovations available.


    Our 5-Axis milling unit allows us to control the quality of products we fabricate and provide to you as a patient.


    Using advanced software paired with our digital x-ray and intra-oral scanner, we can ensure you receive the best, most comfortable procedures possible.

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