Here at Revive Dental Implant Center, we recognize that everyone's situation is very different. Some people are looking for a place they can step in the door and feel at home, while others are strictly wanting to know where can they get the work done the cheapest. With patients coming from all walks of life and needing so many options to best suit their needs, we have two options to get you started with finding out what to do with your teeth.

Please start with us by choosing one of the options below. We would of course prefer to have you come to the office, because that's going to be the best way for you to not only get your questions answered, but will also give the opportunity to meet the staff and know exactly what we are all about.

If neither of these routes will work for you, please give us a call, (480) 832-1375.
This is the option most choose.  We will start you off with a complimentary consultation with our Patient Case Manager, Mona, through a Zoom call. She will be your advocate and friend and will make this journey as smooth as possible. Whenever you have any questions about procedures, timelines, fees, etc., she is your resource so there is never any reason for confusion. The next step after the Zoom call is a live consultation at our office with one of our doctors.  With this type of consultation, we are able to take the proper imaging and really get a clear idea of your situation and your specific needs.  This is the ideal route to take if you are serious about fixing your situation.

The downside to this option for some is getting the quickest answers to questions that may be holding them back from making the appointment to come in. If we can answer these burning questions, it breaks down that barrier for you.
We created this online consultation so that potential patients have an alternative to coming in initially.  This is ideal for people who are too skeptical to make that first appointment, are coming from further away (like out of the state), or those who are just scared or nervous and need more time to think about it.

The downside to this option is that without seeing you at our office, we are unable to get the proper imaging, both photographs and radiographs, to give a comprehensive look and proper diagnosis. Therefore, this is just an educated guess off the information you provide us.

For those that choose this route, we will still need a live consultation before any treatment plan is confirmed or started.
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