Whether you are already in a denture or find yourself in need of your first denture, you are in the right place. Revive Dental Implant Center does more than just dental implants. In fact, Dr. Kent Howell and Dr. Nate Farley are both prosthodontists, specialists in dentures. We'd be more than happy getting you into your first (or fifth) set of teeth.

We are unique at Revive Dental

Not only are we ADA recognized specialists in dentures (and other forms of full mouth reconstructions), but we have built a very unique practice right here in Mesa, serving the whole east valley (Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix, etc.). Let us take a brief moment to explain how we are unique:

  • We are specialists in denture diagnosis, fabrication, and maintenance.
  • We have an in-house dental laboratory, so we can make your new smile right here.
  • Our doctors like to work with their hands. They get more involved with the lab work than most every dentist in the country.
  • The doctors teach other doctors about digital processes, including denture fabrication.
  • We love what we do!!

Understanding the value in your options

There are a variety of materials we can use to make your new smile. But, with more options to choose from, we want you to know what your are getting. Take a minute to better understand these options, with all the pros and the cons.

TEETH - We have three options of teeth to choose from. The lowest quality is a 3D printed set. The quality of 3D printing is high, but the materials have limits. While the shape and position of the teeth are top-notch, the strength and esthetics have their limits. The middle tier option is a notable upgrade in strength and esthetics. Instead of 3D printing it, we start with a disc of material and cut out of it your smile. Same process for the highest grade dentures, but those are cut from a material made in layers of different translucencies. This allows us to deliver a smile with the highest esthetics.

GUMS - We have two options for the pink part of your denture. One material comes in a single color. It is a good color, but gums are often multiple colors in our mouths. The second, better material comes in a variety of colors and we can therefore layer them to provide a more realistic, lifelike appearance.



  • Designed 3D on the computer.
  • Multiple try-ins (as needed) to get it exactly the way you want.
  • Milled in high quality, high strength multi-layered material - Highest esthetics!
  • Gums made with various layers of shades of pink - Most realistic


  • Still designed 3D on the computer.
  • One try-in included.
  • Milled in high quality, high strength material (no layering) - Great esthetics.
  • Gums made with one layer of pink - Not as realistic, but still looks decent.


  • We actually design all of our dentures on the computer.
  • No try-ins...straight to the final (except with new dentures).
  • 3D printed, so not as strong or durable.
  • Gums made with one layer of pink.



Don't just listen to us!

We believe to be a great and caring office, committed to providing a high quality of care. But we realize that is a difficult thing to convey through our website. Please look at the following before and after photos and watch the subsequent testimonials of these two patients who had treatment with us.


Ken had an old denture that was uncomfortable and ill-fitting. The teeth in the upper denture were too low down, so it always looked like his denture had fallen down a little.


Christina came to us with all her teeth, but suffering from periodontal disease. She was losing her teeth and trusted Revive Dental to give her back her smile and confidence.

The time to start is now

We hope that you've seen enough to understand us a little more and see the quality of our work. The only thing left to do is come and see us. We offer free consultations just so you can really get to know us, our team, and our commitment to you.

We understand that if you are just starting the denture journey, there is likely a lot on your mind. Your consult is just the first step toward bettering your situation. Whether you are struggling with an old denture, a poorly made denture, failing teeth, or pain, Revive Dental Implant Center is here to help. Somebody once said, "Stop waiting for the right time. Time isn't waiting for you." If you want that smile...if you want that confidence...make an appointment right now.

Call/text us at (480) 832-1375 or fill out the form above and we will reach out to you.

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