One of the more common questions patients have is "how much will dental implants cost me?". While this is a great question, it is complex to answer. It is similar to asking what's the cost of a computer, television, or even a meal. There are so many questions that need answered before you can get an accurate cost. Who do you trust to do the surgery? How much bone do you have? What material do you want/need? For this reason, giving out a cost without a proper examination is impossible. Of course, we could give out the lowest possible cost in hopes to get you in the door, only to be told it's much more.

Instead, we have made it easy to get you the answers you need...a free consultation. We will take a free 3D radiograph that allows us to evaluate the volume of bone so we can tell you if you need bone grafting or if alternatives to bone grafting are available. We can also discuss materials, protocols, and options specific to your problem. Only from a face-to-face examination in our office with the proper imaging, can we give you options specific to you.

At Revive Dental Implant Center, we are constantly trying to make a better, more realistic, and stronger new smile while keeping costs below what others are charging for something lesser. Our most popular smile is built with individual porcelain crowns supported by a very strong foundation. We then use the highest quality pink composite resin to make gingiva that looks very real. This level of prosthetics is considered to be the best, most intricate, and beautiful prosthesis. Most don't offer this or charge significantly more for it, because in most offices, they are outsourcing the lab work and their bill is extremely high. At Revive, we do our lab work in house, where our two prosthodontists and our very talented technician are the ones building your smile. We challenge you to find doctors as involved in the creation of your smile as we are at Revive. We are truly passionate about giving you that smile, at every step along the way.


1) Who is doing the work, both surgically and prosthetically?

There are many aspects to the All-On-4® procedure:
The surgery - This is where the teeth are removed and the implants are placed.
The temporary teeth - Immediately following surgery (same day), this includes connecting the temporary teeth to the new implants.
The final teeth - The final teeth, that will be your beautiful permanent new smile, comes later on, after allowing for healing.

There are many versions of how this works depending on the office:
A) The office only makes the teeth and send the patient to a different office for the surgery. This often results in higher costs, because there are multiple doctors, staff, and separate offices' overhead that needs covered to be able to make a profit.
B) Some offices only do the surgery and rely on a local dental laboratory (lab) to make the teeth. This includes the lab technician attaching the temporary teeth to the finals all the way through to having the lab return to make the final teeth as well. The lab spends a lot of time on these and requires a high fee for their time. These costs are passed on to you, the patient.
C) Some offices do both....the same dentist does the surgery and the teeth. This can be challenging because rarely is someone good enough to do each step of the process extremely well, so again, they rely heavily on the lab to do the steps for them to get the teeth made. This can turn out well if the dentist knows what they are doing and can manage the lab, but many times the lab is left to do whatever they want with the dentist assuming they know what they're doing. Sometimes it doesn't turn out too well though because the dentist wasn't involved enough. And again, the cost is passed to you.

2) Who is actually building your smile?

Here at Revive Dental Implant Center, we are all specialists, some even board certified, in implant, especially the All-On-4® procedure. We plan the surgery, perform the surgery, install the temporary teeth the same day, monitor healing, and fabricate your permanent smile all under the same roof. The surgery is done by a specialist and the teeth are made by a specialist.

We don't bring outside labs in to do any work. And, while we have our own in-house lab technician, the specialists in the teeth (the prosthodontists) direct the fabrication of both the temporary and permanent teeth. They get more involved with the process than almost every other dentist world-wide, from scanning and designing to milling and finishing your smile. By controlling every aspect of your care, we are more able to minimize complications, increase efficiencies, and provide a very high end product at a very competitive price.

3) What are materials are used for the teeth?

We do not make final bridges with plastic denture teeth like most dental offices do.....because they break over and over again! Instead we make individual ceramic teeth supported by a framework that provides strength and natural beauty, and do it with as few as 4 dental implants. If you are considering a different office, please ask questions about what your permanent teeth will be made out of!

4) Ask to speak to a patient in the practice who has had this procedure done.
If there are multiple videos and testimonials on the office website, chances are they only dabble in the All-On-4® procedure and don't specialize in it. If you ask to speak to a patient who has had this procedure done and they can't provide one, that should be a red flag. At Revive Dental we have many many patients on our website and in person that are happy to share with you their experience. Come pay a visit with us and find out!

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